Quick and Cheap Way to Organize Your Thread

Posted by Adam Broadus on

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When stitching out an embroidery design I have an overwhelming need for organized access to threads.  This in addition to the fact that I almost exclusively use 1000m Simthread spools. (40 Pack via Amazon)

Due to those personal preferences I use this setup:

Thread Stand 

It consists of two Dritz Wooden Thread Racks from Walmart (usually around $10), and I use Command Picture Hanging Strips to mount it to the wall.  The weight isn't much so that keeps things easy to maneuver.  This doesn't work well for the 5,000m spools and those are currently kept in a separate cabinet.  Bobbins and variegated/GITD threads are near the bottom.

The biggest hack on this is that I wrote on the spool the color numbers and then I also write it on the spool with a sharpie when I open it.  That way everything has a place and I don't have to guess where it goes when I'm done.