1 Minute Embroidery Hack To Save You Lots of Time and Headache

Posted by Adam Broadus on

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I hate embroidery thread holders.  It doesn't matter if it is nets, clips, or bands I just cannot stand them.  Every time I take them off or put them on it just doesn't feel natural for my workflow.

Something had to be done, and this is what came of it.  I take a very sharp knife and I cut into the side of the spool and use it as a catch for the thread.


This works wonders.  It does create a small threat that the thread will become tangled, but so far that hasn't occurred.  To keep things in perspective my primary machine is a Brother PE800, that's where I do pretty much all of my testing and my thread of choice is the 1000m spools of Simthread.  (40 Pack From Amazon)